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Proud of its heritage, tradition, and high moral standards.


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Welcome to Kalida, a small town in the hear of northwestern Ohio, proud of its heritage, tradition, and high moral standards. Family values are a priority here, as well as, personal and community growth. Our location allows for excellent access to major roads and highways, while still maintaining the comforts of a safe, rural community.

St. Michael Catholic Church

St. Michael Catholic Church is a place for Catholics and those of other faiths can share, connect, support and discuss a variety of matters concerning faith, morality and the Catholic Church.

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Kalida Local Schools

The mission of education is to prepare students of all ages to meet, to the best of their abilities, the academic, social, civic, and employment needs of the twenty-first century.

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Kalida Parks

The Kalida Community has a long tradition of supporting major capital improvements to make our community a better place to live. Check out what our park has to offer.

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Village of Kalida

PO Box 495
Kalida, OH 45853

Kalida Police Department

208 E Main Street
Kalida, OH 45853

Kalida Fire Department

108 S Broad Street
Kalida, OH 45853

Putnam County Sheriff

1035 Heritage Trail
Ottawa, OH 45875

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