Official Site of the Village of Kalida

<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Officials</span>

Kalida’s Elected Officials and Committee Members

Mayor Alan Gerdeman
Phone# 419-532-3899

Village Council

Richard Schulte, President of Council
Bob Buss Jason Birkemeier John Edelbrock
Sandy Fortman Mike Stechschulte
Fiscal Officer Rita Schroeder
Phone# 419-532-3899
Fax# 419-532-3852
Kalida Village Income Department
Village Income Tax is 1%Tax Administrator — Rita Schroeder
PO Box 495
Kalida, OH 45853
B.P.A Board

Ron Knueve
John Schimmoeller
Roger Dickman

Zoning Board

Alan Gerdeman
Dick Schulte
Bob Buss
Tim Schnipke
Roger VonderEmbse