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Letter from the Mayor

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Village of Kalida, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our community.  Not long after I became Mayor, I learned that “Kalida” is a Native American word meaning beautiful.  I truly believe we have a beautiful community nestled in the heart of Putnam County and Northwest Ohio.  Beauty for a community such as ours can take on many facets.  For example, there’s beauty in a freshly mowed lawn with landscaping that has been manicured to perfection.  There’s beauty in watching children having a great time playing on some newly installed playground equipment at the Village Park.  There can even be beauty in the symmetry and design of a recently completed street renovation project.  But for our community, and others in the area, the real beauty is in the people that have chosen to live here.  They are hard working and devoted to their church, schools, and community.  And most of all, they are totally dedicated to the importance of a family oriented life style.  And it is this same family that welcomes you to our Village.

Kalida continues to grow, not only in physical size but in economic development.  In 2006, Trilogy Health Services opened a new 6 million dollar Health Care Campus in Kalida.  This facility provides much needed adult health care and assisted living services.   Kalida Manufacturing Inc. and Unverferth Manufacturing are currently undergoing expansion projects that will provide jobs and additional tax dollars for our schools and Village.   From the Village perspective, this kind of growth has enabled us to invest in infrastructure improvement projects (water, sewer, streets) that will provide the kind of services new and existing businesses and residents can take advantage of for many years to come.  We also recently acquired 30 acres of prime industrial land that is available for development.  This acreage is located on SR 224 East and has water and sewer easily accessible.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that our school system is excellent and continually receives high ratings from the Ohio Department of Education.  This is a testament to the hard work of the teachers, staff, and administrators who strive to provide a top notch education for our children.  For your information, a new High School facility is currently under construction and a new Elementary facility is in the plans for 2009.  These are exciting developments and bode well for our future.

Finally, I am very proud to say our Village has a Volunteer Fire Department that is second to none in the area.  These volunteers are totally dedicated and well trained and have the latest in modern equipment available to them to provide first rate fire and emergency protection for our Village and the surrounding townships.

Once, again I welcome you to Kalida and I am sure you will find it a great place to locate your family, business, or industry.  Please plan a visit to enjoy the hospitality and see first hand the beauty of our community.


Alan M.  Gerdeman

Mayor, Village of Kalida